Black Locust Raised Garden Bed Kits
from 115.00

Black Locust is an organic wood product that is 50 years rot-resistant without treatment, a perfect wood for all your organic gardening needs, so you can rest assured that your vegetables will not be contaminated with any chemical residuals. Because of the woods outstanding rot resistant qualities, this kit will be the only one you will need to buy!

The Bed Kits require no tool assembly, just slide the boards into grooved corners! The beds have safety and stability features, and come in three convenient heights. They also can be expanded upon with optional additions. 


Our Black Locust Garden Bed Additions can be purchased separately from the Black Locust Raised Garden Bed Kits. The additions will double the size of each garden bed. Each sized addition comes with two Safety Corner Posts and the appropriate quantity of planks for each Black Locust Raised Bed size (Short, Medium, Tall). 

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