Black Locust Vineyard Stakes


Black Locust Vineyard Stakes

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Our Black Locust Vineyard Stakes are a sustainable solution to traditional pressure treated poles that leach toxins into the soil. Utilize our Black Locust Vineyard Stakes for growing grapes organically. 

The Stakes are made from domestic Appalachian Black Locust. Renowned for it's strength and durability, our Black Locust Vineyard Stakes can last 50 years or more.


Small: 5 in. x 8 ft. - $30

Large: 6 in. x 8 ft. - $36

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Black Locust Advantages

Black Locust or Robinia pseudoaccacia is a premier application for vineyard stakes as its duration ensures strength and resistance to decay.

  • 50 Years Rot-Resistance
  • Non-Toxic, Untreated Lumber
  • Domestic, 100% Lacey Act Compliant
  • Strong and Durable
  • Sustainable Alternative to Pressure Treated Lumber